Planning for the Wedding Rehearsal

B&W Wedding Party

Typically the wedding rehearsal will happen a day or two before the wedding day.  Below I've listed a simplified to-do list for the practice of your wedding nuptials.

  1. Bring your wedding day items/props to the rehearsal.  Items such as the ring pillow, flower basket, guest book w/ pen, card book, etc. can be left at the ceremony site so that you won't forget them on wedding day. Or give them to your wedding planner...I know she or he will bring them and set them up for you on wedding day :)
  2. Have everyone in the wedding party take a tour of the venue and specifically note the changing rooms and restrooms.
  3. Plan to run through your processional and recessional at least 2 times to ensure that everyone is aware of their cues.
  4. Let the officiant you hire do their job.  You have spoken with them during the planning process.  Now allow them to facilitate the rehearsal as they'll be the one in charge on wedding day.
  5. Rehearsals shouldn't take any longer than one hour.  If you have tardy members in your party, tell them the rehearsal will begin 30 minutes before it actually will :)

Then once you have rehearsed and got it down pat...go off to your rehearsal dinner and celebrate!

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo captured by Juancho SC Photography)

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