The Language of Invitations

When preparing your invitation ensemble and the wording to excite your guests about the upcoming nuptials, there are some things you should pay close attention to:

CJ Invitation
  1. If there are parental contributions, be respectful and discuss the invitation verbiage with your parents. The norm use to be that the bride's parents were the hosts of the wedding and reception and therefore, their names appeared on the invitation. Not always the case anymore. The groom's parents my be contributors or the bride and groom might be funding the nuptials themselves.
  2. Listing your registry information or stating to your guests that you only want monetary gifts (wishing well) within your invitation ensemble is poor etiquette. That type of information can be expressed verbally through parents, wedding party members, or list it on your wedding website.
  3. Mail your invitations at minimum 8 weeks before your wedding date with the respond date listed 2-3 weeks before the wedding date. This will allow enough time to get those infamous seating arrangements together.
  4. Spell out all dates, times and places on the wedding invitations. Example - Saturday, May twenty-sixth, Two thousand and eighteen, Four-thirty in the afternoon, The Langham Chicago.
  5. If you are not inviting children to the wedding reception, it is appropriate to say "Adult Reception" or address the invitation to the parents only - "Mr. and Mrs. Doug Johnson" instead of "Johnson Family".
  6. It's a thoughtful gesture to allow single individuals to bring a guest by stating "Ms. Brenda Douglas and Guest".  But if you can't afford the additional plate, don't sweat it...just invite Brenda

Until next time...WEDologize!

Desiree Dent