A Few Wedding Don'ts


Every bride wants the perfect wedding day, but becoming a bridezilla isn't very attractive to your fiance', family, friends or vendors.  Going on almost 18 years of planning fab weddings and events, I have seen a thing or two.  Below are a few ways to eliminate that unwanted stress from your wedding planning process:

  1. Don't be a "SuperBride"!  You can't do everything.  Enlist help from your attendants, family and friends for those special projects.  They'll feel included and you won't have those tension headaches.
  2. Please do not include registry information on your wedding invitation.  Simple...it's just tacky.  Get the word out about where you are registered on your wedding website, bridal shower invites or through word of mouth.
  3. Don't boss your bridesmaids or wedding party around.  They are adults and spending both money and time to be apart of your special day.  Being disrespectful isn't the path your want to take when planning your wedding.
  4. Don't have those gigantic breaks between your ceremony and reception.  Having guests wait longer than 2 hours before your reception begins is a sure why to loose guests.  And having them travel from one side of town to the next to get to the reception is another guarantee you paid for an empty seat.
  5. Don't alienate your fiance'.  Include him or her in on the details even when you think they aren't listening or won't have any input.  It's not just your day, but their's too.  Plus, this is a way to start developing negotiating skills ;)

Until next time...WEDologize!

(photo by The Modern Lovebird Photography)

Desiree Dent