Seating Chart 101

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A seating chart in some format is a MUST when it comes to a wedding reception guest count of 50+ or more.  That, of course is my opinion, but it sure does make your reception seating flow a lot smoother.

Getting a seating chart "right" means your wedding guests will be happy.  Check out the suggestions below to help you navigate through this tedious, puzzle-solving task:

  1. Develop your floor plan with your wedding planner and venue manger to determine the placement of tables and the maximum number of guests that can be seated at those tables.
  2. Determine how you and your new spouse will be seated.  Will you sit at a sweetheart table for just you two or at a head table with your wedding party?
  3. Seat your V.I.P guests (parents, grandparents, siblings, etc) first and at the tables nearest to your table.
  4. Now it's time to start grouping your guests based on how many can be seated comfortably at specific tables.  Biggest suggestion I can make is to group people that know one another together and do not create a 'singles table'.  It can be seen as offensive.

Then finally, you must determine how you want to display your guest's seating arrangements.  Will you use escort cards displayed on a decorated table as they arrive at the reception?  Will you create a seating chart that will display the guest's name and table assignment in a large format?  Or will you consult with your wedding planner or designer to come up with a unique and efficient way to display the guest's seating assignment?

Until next time...WEDologize!

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Desiree Dent