Wedding Gown Tips

As I've mentioned in numerous blogs, the wedding gown is the main "centerpiece" of the ceremony and sets the tone for much of the wedding day design.  Prior to putting on your fabulous wedding gown for the walk down the aisle, remember the following:

Wedding -52.jpg
  • Bring your wedding day shoes (and undergarments) to your first fitting and every fitting thereafter to avoid an uneven hemline.

  • Don't select jewelry that has protruding edges that can tear or snag your gown.

  • Once you bring your gown home, make sure to hang it from the loops INSIDE the gown.  The loops are reinforced within the side seams and can carry the weight of the heavy fabric.

  • When getting the gown pressed, make sure to use a cleaners that HAND PRESSES wedding gowns.

  • Be sure to eat, drink and use the restroom before putting on your wedding gown. 

  • When the moment comes to put on your gown, make sure your hands are clean and the persons helping you into the gown have clean hands.

Until next time...WEDologize!

(Photo captured by Image Makers Photography)

Desiree Dent